It’s the 57th birthday of Peter Murphy, the oft proclaimed “Godfather of Goth”.   While he is on tour promoting his newly released 10th album Lion,  we are celebrating by sharing 2 classic Bauhaus performances (a Halloween show from 1980 above, and 1998’s Gotham below), plus a solo performance from 1992 on the Dennis Miller show, with Peter looking his absolute best albeit irritated  with his host. (That’s Edwin “Twiggy” Branch playing bass for the 100 men band.  Eddie performed with Peter from 1986 to 1992, but before that he was in another famous Post-Punk band, UK DECAY.  Yes-that is Eddie in the video for Peter’s hit single “Cut’s You Up”.


Cuts You Up | Live 1992

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‘Lion’ is out now, and Peter Murphy is currently Touring in Support.  Check out the dates below

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