Deep in the Swedish countryside, near the quaint city of Alvesta, an unlikely army of black-clad music-goers convene at the Klubb Kalabalik festival.  Klubb Kalabalik’s goal is to create an event with a unique atmosphere and an inspiring lineup of contemporary alternative electronic acts.  The venue, Tyrolen, is a former Scandinavian amusement park, an abandoned relic from the 1960s.  Visitors can imagine the former grandeur of Tyrolen with its colorful murals that stand in contrast to the community of goths and punk attendees that gather once a year.  Last summer, I had the pleasure of going to the weekend-long event by traveling by plane, train and car to the isolated campgrounds littered with tents and trailers.  It was an enjoyable–and certainly inspiring–mix of EBM and synth/electro acts such as Absolute Body Control, Kontravoid, The Horrorist and Radical G who performed under a dreamscape painted canopy.

This year, the line-up is much more post-punk oriented but just as solid.  In fact, for any fans of the genre, this is the festival.  With post-punk heroes The KVB, She Past Away (a personal favorite), Keluar and Liste Noire (former Velvet Condom) performing, the weekend is bound to be full of quality music.  Alongside the main performances will be the Flexiwave Live Showcase: a special lineup the Swedish record label’s synth acts.  Of the Flexiwave catalog, Brooklyn-based artist Silent Em is one to pay attention to.  His dark songs, with sad melodies and reverb heavy vocals clearly echo the 1980s French coldwave movement in a way that few have accomplished.  Don’t be surprised to find your new favorite band in this line-up.  Get your tent or bring your trailer August 22-23 and be ready to rough it on the Swedish countryside for a weekend that will be unforgettable.

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