An iconic legend of punk rock has passed away today.  The cause of death was related to the treatment of his cancer of the bileduct.

Tommy Ramone, born Thomas Erdelyi, formed a band with John Cummings (who would become Johnny Ramone) called The Tangerine Puppets when they were both teenagers. After that band dissolved, Cummings formed a new band which would become The Ramones. Tommy was originally supposed to be the band’s manager, but ended up drumming on the band’s first three albums, Ramones, Leave Home, and Rocket To Russia, and  before deciding to leave the band as a musician. However, Tommy would continue to serve as a producer and songwriter for the band at various points in their career. Before his untimely passing, Tommy was the last surviving member of the original Ramones.   Can’t believe they are all gone.  

[pullquote]“It wasn’t just music in The Ramones: it was an idea. It was bringing back a whole feel that was missing in rock music – it was a whole push outwards to say something new and different. Originally it was just an artistic type of thing; finally I felt it was something that was good enough for everybody.” – Tommy Ramone, 1978[/pullquote]

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