Frank Tovey is the legendary artist behind the avant-garde synth project Fad Gadget—a project that started in 1980 when Tovey sent a his demo tape of Back To Nature to Mute Records founder Daniel Miller, who had just released his single Warm Leatherette as The Normal.

Following the release of Back to Nature via Mute, many other fantastic track were to Follow; such as Ricky’s HandCoitus Interruptus, Love Parasite, For Whom The Bells Toll, and of course the Einstürzende Neubauten inspired track Collapsing New People.

In remembrance of Frank, watch this full concert shot on the 28th of February. 1984 at Manchester’s legendary Hacienda.


01 State Of The Nation
02 Coitus Interruptus
03 King Of The Flies
04 I Discover Love
05 Ideal World
06 Collapsing New People
07 One Man’s Meat
08 The Ring
09 Jump
10 Ad Nauseam
11 Lemmings On Lover’s Rock
12 Love Parasite
13 For Whom The Bells Toll
14 Ricky’s Hand
15 Back To Nature

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