Rozz Williams, best known as the original vocalist of Christian Death has a body of work that is highly influential beyond the borders of the Gothic- and Death Rock scene. Many of his projects aside from Christian Death —most notably Premature Ejaculation and Shadow Project—have achieved an underground cult following.

Photo By Edward Colver

His vocal performances on classic Christian Death albums such as Only Theatre of Pain, Catastrophe Ballet, Ashes have inspired a generation. And his collaborations on projects such as the Roxy Music inspired Dream Home Heartache, a dark cabaret project featuring Gitane Demone, are without the shadow of a doubt, milestones and undeniably classic albums every fan of dark, gloomy guitar music should own.

1984 was a prolific year in Rozz’s career worth celebrating.

Here performing in 1984 Hollywood California— are Christian Death at the beginning of their Mark II lineup which integrated members of Pompei 99 (Valor Kand, David Glass, and Gitane Demone). This amazing show was filmed by Louis Elovitz, and the quality is fantastic.

Here is also some 1984 footage of Christian Death, filmed by Media Blitz, a LA cable access show. Enjoy.

We miss you Rozz!

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