David Bowie would have been 71 today, and the world is still feeling the loss a thousand times over. To mark the occasion, the Bowie camp has released an excellent, stripped-down (yet still funky) demo of “Let’s Dance,” blessed by producer Nile Rodgers. The track sheds much of the glossy 80s veneer but retains all the hooks and rhythms that made the song a smash success. The track is available on most streaming and digital purchasing platforms, and is definitely worth a listen.

With that in mind, we’d like to mark the occasion with our own collection of Bowie favorites, mixed together continuously and clocking in roughly over 2 hours long. In an effort to be willfully obscure, we’ve avoided much of the classic 70s material instead focusing on deep cuts, outtakes, alternate versions, and relatively underheard material across Bowie’s career. It’s probably a little gloomier than most tributes are, but this is Post-Punk.com, after all…

Without any further ado, view the track listing below:

1. A Small Plot Of Land
Sparse, tense version of the 1.Outside track. Taken from the Basquiat soundtrack, released in 1996.

2. Funhouse
Unreleased Earthling-era outtake with some thematic ties to “Fame.” Recorded ~1997/1998.

3. ‘Tis A Pity She Was A Whore
Released as the b-side to the Sue (In a Season of Crime) single in 2014. Both single recordings feature the Maria Schneider orchestra, many of whose members would work with Bowie on Blackstar.

4. Shadow Man
Originally recorded in 1971 during the Ziggy Stardust sessions, re-recorded in 2001 for the aborted Toy LP and released on the Slow Burn single in 2002.

5. You’ve Been Around
Originally written with Tin Machine, recorded in 1993 for Black Tie White Noise and again for Reeves Gabrels’ The Sacred Squall of Now LP in 1995. This version also features Gary Oldman on vocals.

6. Loving The Alien (Single Mix)
A vastly shortened and improved 7” single mix from 1984. Original version appears on Tonight.

7. The Man Who Sold The World (Live Version)
Re-recorded with Brian Eno during the 1.Outside sessions, released on the Strangers When We Meet single in 1995.

8. This Is Not America
Recorded with The Pat Metheny Group and released on The Falcon and the Snowman soundtrack in 1985.

9. The Drowned Girl (Vom Ertrunkenen Mädchen)
From the Baal EP, 1982.

10. Pallas Athena
From Black Tie White Noise, 1993. An alternate live version from 1997 appears as a standalone single under Tao Jones Index.

11. The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
From 1.Outside, 1995.

12. Nature Boy (feat. Massive Attack)
From Moulin Rouge soundtrack, 2001.

13. We Are The Dead
From Diamond Dogs, 1974.

14. After All
From The Man Who Sold the World, 1970.

15. Some Are
Outtake from Low sessions, released in 1991 under the Sound+Vision series.

16. A Foggy Day (In London Town)
Recorded with Angelo Badalamenti, released on Red Hot + Rhapsody in 1998.

17. I Can’t Give Everything Away (Farewell Mix)
Nine Inch Nails reinterpretation of the final Blackstar track, released secretly via Soundcloud in 2017.

18. I Can’t Read (Long Version)
Originally released on the debut Tin Machine record, re-recorded for The Ice Storm soundtrack in 1997.

19. Untitled No. 1
From The Buddha of Suburbia, released in 1993 as a soundtrack to a film of the same name. Listen carefully for some vocal nods to Marc Bolan toward the end of the track.

20. A Better Future (Remix by Air)
From a limited edition bonus disc release of Heathen, 2002.

21. Ricochet
Art-damaged track from Let’s Dance, 1983 that hints more towards Bowie’s dark jazz past.

22. African Night Flight (Tony Visconti 2017 Mix)
Original version from Lodger, 1979. Newly completed mix taken from the A New Career In a New Town boxset, released in 2017.

23. All the Young Dudes
Aladdin Sane outtake, recorded in 1972. Heavily bootlegged in various formats until an official release in 1995.

24. The Bewlay Brothers
Haunting final track from Hunky Dory, 1971.

25. Crystal Japan
Recorded for a Japanese ad campaign, released as a standalone single in 1980.

26. I’m Afraid Of Americans
Recorded with Brian Eno for the 1.Outside sessions, released on the Showgirls soundtrack, 1995.

27. The Secret Life Of Arabia
Controversial final track from “Heroes” released in 1977.

28. When The Wind Blows (Extended Mix)
Inspired by the Chernobyl disaster and originally released on the soundtrack of the same name. This mix released as a 12” single in 1986.

29. The Motel
Scott Walker-esque centerpiece from 1.Outside, released in 1995.

30. No Plan
Blackstar outtake, originally written for Lazarus and released as part of a standalone EP in 2017.

31. Bring Me The Disco King
From Reality, released in 2003. The song’s origins date back to 1992, as the song was demoed for Black Tie White Noise. It was attempted again in 1997 for Earthling before finally finding a home on Bowie’s last album before a ten year hiatus.

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