Director Tim Pope has updated fans with a tease of his upcoming documentary celebrating 40 years of The Cure.

Pope first announced the documentary in December of 2017, after receiving 50 boxes of material from Robert Smith stating:

“So, 2018 will see me collaborating with Robert on a feature-length, chronological documentary of The Cure’s history from the 1970s via present day to the future. Robert himself will tell the story and this will work alongside other events for the band’s 40-year celebration.”

Pope continued:

“The film to which I will bring my own style of jiggery-pokery will use as well as ‘old favourites’ a cornucopia of material from Robert’s collection which has never been seen before; Super-8; interviews; bootlegs; rare performances; behind-the-scenes, blah.”

Since the announcement information on the project had been scarce, but now Pope has photo from his work on the film posted on Twitter that shows the blurred silhouette of frontman Robert Smith reflected through the window of a projectionist’s booth.

We will update you when more news is forthcoming on the documentary#s release date and when there is footage or a trailer to show.

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