On April 18th, 1994 Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds released their eighth studio album Let Love In.

The first single from the record release was the track “Do You Love Me”, which featured Cave’s former Birthday Party band mate Roland S. Howard on backing vocals.

The next single on the album, “Loverman”, which has been covered by Metallica, and Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore, was almost scrapped during the recording process.

Cave explains:

“Loverman” was a song we almost didn’t do because it seemed like a very weak idea at the time of recording. It was supposed to be just a throwaway song about desire. I was squirming about how banal it was. I changed the whole atmosphere, so the guy who’s the telling the story is weak and dysfunctional. I put in the bits where I spell out loverman. It was a great surprise to everyone.”

The final single off of “Let Love In”, instead of being the title track, “Red Right Hand” is the one of the band’s most well known and most consistently performed songs, second only to “The Mercy Seat”.

Taking it’s name from a line in Paradise Lost referring to the wrathful hand of God, “Red Right Hand” has been licensed to the soundtracks of many films and televisions shows, and is currently being used as the title track for the period crime drama Peaky Blinders.

Let Love In Tracklist:

  1. “Do You Love Me?”
  2. “Nobody’s Baby Now”
  3. “Loverman”
  4. “Jangling Jack”
  5. “Red Right Hand”
  6. “I Let Love In”
  7. “Thirsty Dog”
  8. “Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore”
  9. “Lay Me Low”
  10. “Do You Love Me? (Part 2)”

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