Well, it seems the 43-year-old ‘roam around the world” has ended for The B-52s. The raucous new wave legends are about to embark on their farewell tour, starting 22 August in Seattle, and fittingly ending their run in their home state of Georgia (Atlanta) in November. Their site calls it “their final tour ever of Planet Earth.”

“No one likes to throw a party more than we do, but after almost a half-century on the road, it’s time for one last blow-out,” says Fred Schneider, in a statement.

“Who knew what started as a way to have some fun and play music for our friends’ at house parties in Athens in 1977 would evolve into over 45 years of making music and touring the world. It’s been cosmic,” adds Kate Pierson.

While the band might be retiring from the tour bus, a documentary directed by Craig Johnson and produced by Fred Armisen is in the works to be released next year.

This announcement is not a massive surprise; the band had pretty much decided to throw in the touring towel by autumn of 2019, aside from the occasional festival appearance.  (It’s not even their first farewell tour announcement – as they gave the UK a final bow in 2019.)

For this last cosmic trip, stops include Boston, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

This last hurrah is bringing along The Tubes and KC & The Sunshine Band for support. (One also hopes that perhaps – finally – these purveyors of love and unity locate the fabulous dark green Quiche La Poodle!)

Though this may be the last tour of Planet Earth, there is always “Planet Claire” for our Cosmic Thing friends.

Tickets are available at The B-52s.com.

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