Composing the soundtrack to a dystopian tomorrow, Chicago’s Replicant emerges from the sonic soundscape as a hybrid composite of the analogue, the organic, and the digital. Composed of crooning vocals, sensual synths, and battering bass lines, Replicant draws influence from both the dark and the lustrous sides of our modern dystopia.

Playing for nearly a decade, the darkwave band has also long devoted their energies toward raising funds and awareness for various causes. In the past, they’ve supported The Voting Rights Project, COVID relief fundraisers, and more. They’re sending out the good vibes once again with a live performance shot at Thalia Hall on YouTube.

The band is premiering a live performance filmed at Thalia Hall, and instead of charging a ticket fee, they are accepting donations that will support AFRORACK, an organization that brings modular synthesis workshops to children and young adults in Chicago’s black and brown communities. Suggested donations of $5 will be accepted until 7/29.

You can donate directly to their PayPal here.

“While we’ve always been proud of the music we’ve put out, we consider our live show to be Replicant in its purest form,” says the band. “Our lighting rig, including a 4×4 foot neon sign, is almost our sentient 4th member. When we were approached by Thalia Hall earlier this year, we knew this was our opportunity to bring our live show to the masses in a time when touring wasn’t quite possible yet.”

Replicant has played with the likes of HEALTH, The Soft Moon, Youth Code, Lust for Youth, Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, and Cold Showers. They also played Cold Waves Festival at the Metro with Front 242, KMFDM, Severed Heads, Stabbing Westward, Cold Cave, Drab Majesty, Statiqbloom, and many more.

Witness what the band calls a “visual and sonic imprint blurring the lines between seduction and punishment.”

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