[dropcap]We[/dropcap] interviewed journalist, promoter, and music aficionado Thomas Thyssen on his curation of the fantastic compilation The Second Wave, a compendium which features German Gothic Rock and Post-Punk of the lates 80s and early 90s.

In the interview—Thomas discusses the differences and similarities between UK Second Wave and the German one, the socioeconomic conditions that gave rise to The Second Wave, the revival of Gothic Culture in Germany that happened during the late 90s—and more!

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1. Elephant vs. Bromley – Heaven Knows
2. Revenge Of Nephthys – Take The Dark Train
3. Decay – Summerrain
4. Murder At The Registry – Wo bin ich (Menthe Mix)
5. The Caves – Two Different Dreams
6. Ghosting – Ad Infinitum (Original Demo)
7. Exedra – Kingdom Of The Blind
8. Catastrophe Ballet – Shadow Reich
9. Fallen Apart – Hey Friend
10. The Permanent Confusion – Full Moon
11. Cryptic Flowers – The Abyss
12. Cadra Ash – Sed De Ti
13. The House of Usher – Nightlife (Demo Version)
14. Funeral Address – Destination Brain
15. Love Like Blood – Johannesburg (Demo Version)
16. Secret Discovery – Down From Hell (Live in Bochum)
17. Dronning Maud Land – Brother Sons Break Their Tribes
18. Pictures Of Agony – Vale Of Ice (Tape Version)
19. Into The Abyss – Banner Of The Fray
20. The Attainment Of Nirvana – Desperate
21. Preachers Of Sadness – Omega
22. Capital Hell – Trust (Demo Version)
23. Morbid Poetry – The Dance


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