Following the release of the mesmerizing Xeno and Oaklander Livestream performance from April 24th, Minneapolis Club Event Dark Energy has shared with us their stream of Panther Modern’s groundbreaking augmented reality, CGI, volumetric VR chimera of a set from that same day.

Here is some background info on DARK ENERGY, courtesy of impresario Grant Mayland:

“The idea behind these virtual streams is to help maintain community at a time when so many of us feel so suddenly removed and isolated. Something real that can channel the mood of the uncertainly we’re in. Something real imperfect. The opposite of all these overly sanitized, cringe-worthy corporate events virtual and commercials currently plaguing the streams & airwaves.

The goal of Dark Energy has always been to provide an inclusive, comforting space. A place where you can be as anxious, awkward, or depress without the weight of judgment that society constantly shoves down our throats. A space for those who have been bullied, traumatized, or marginalized. Society often treats those who do not mold into the form as a byproduct, and it’s time that byproduct fought back.

Dancing is an incredibly cathartic, beautiful form of therapy. But the status quo nightclub experience is often riddled with classicism, oozing with pretentiousness, and fixating on everything superficial. This is a night for those who want the exact opposite.”

On enlisting Sextile frontman Brady Keehn’s cyberpunk solo project Panther Modern, Mayland continues:

When the quarantine first hit and virtual events came into relevancy, Panther Modern was the very first artist that came to mind. His clear love for virtual reality, cyberpunk, and angsty dance music make him perfectly suited for this moment.

This was all created by Brady. It’s VR mapped and fully immersive. It was performed 100% live on the Dark Energy Virtual Dance party that streamed on 4/24. It’s a raw capture of the stream, so there are imperfections. A little reminder of the chaos we’re in.

Engage your SimStims and watch Panther Modern below:

This set is just the beginning. Brady has a lot more planned, via his own personal Twitch Channel. Here

The catch? There is no current time or date scheduled for future Panther VR streams. You’ll have to watch his social media on Facebook and Instagram for more info.

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