[dropcap]Listening[/dropcap] to the new LP from Michele Pinna under his alter ego—Time TravelerI personally can’t help but think of Frank Herbert’s Dune, especially as  I’m Made of Stars / Journal takes inspiration from conversations between Pinna and his father on the topics of the universe and space/time. And—like Paul Atreides—Pinna parallels the journey of the Kwisatz Haderach through strong science fiction archetypes.

Photo by Giovanni Catania
Photo by Giovanni Catania

The video we are premiering today from the LP—Stardust (produced by the 29Nov Filmsis one of many on I’m Made of Stars / Journal that reverberates with a techno-organic sigh—breathing a fresh yet abstract sci fi narrative into a soundscape that works both on a Function 1, and for home listening introspection.

The record from which Stardust is made—also has a strong visual aesthetic—carefully crafted through multiple collaborations with the photograpers, stylists and designers Nicolas Mazzei, Danila Tkachenko, Khourianbeer and Cinzia Araia.

Pick up the LP on Chronicles Diary Here

A1- Intro / I’m made of stars
A2- Alpha
A3- Dark Priesthood
A4- Currupttion / Ghost Track
B1- Middle break / Restricted areas
B2- Interstellar
B3- Supersymmetry
C1- Chronicles from B-29 Superfortress
C2- Ω ~ R × Σ,
C3- Chaos theory
D1- Timestretcher n*17121985
D2- Stardust
D3- Outro / God is word



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