Over the years, Post-Punk.com, a central location online for fans of Post-Punk, Goth, Industrial/EBM, New-Wave, Shoe-Gaze, has evolved and grown, with a launch of our official podcast scheduled for early 2021.

However, Covid-19 has devastated the global live music industry. Although we are one of the largest independent music sites on the Internet, we are not corporately owned. We are run by a small staff of dedicated journalists who are active members of the international music scene. It is our honor and privilege to work directly with the musicians, DJs, label owners, and music fans who are all part of this same global community. 

Our site does sell ad space, but that only covers a very small portion of what is needed to pay our writers, and pay our overhead for hosting fees. 

We Need Your Support to keep Running:

With your support, you can help us and the post-punk, goth, industrial, and darkwave scene recover post-Covid, and enable us to produce all the great content we have planned for you in 2021: podcasts with very special guests, high-quality live sessions, and more.

We can’t do this without you…or the music.  

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*The Stay In Your Haus design in a loving parody of the Bauhaus logo, not affiliated with the band. For official merch from the band Bauhaus, order here.

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