For your pun-loving Post-Punk gift needs, artist Matthew Lineham has unveiled his 2021 roster of New Wave, and 80s and 90s rock Valentine’s cards.

Expanding upon his ever-growing repertoire that includes Christmas ornaments and “Boo Wave” Halloween decorations, Lineham in now on his sixth year of releasing these adorable Valentine’s Day cards bearing the faces of icons from the 80s—all on the kind of tear-away sheets some of passed around in class several decades ago. This year Lineham’s offerings diverge from the New Wave flavour a bit, but amongst the Eighties titans of Top-40 a gloriously-mulleted young Bono insists he likes You Too (groan) and Prince invites you to “go crazy.” Sign me up.

This year’s roster of Cupids also includes a few beloved 90s alt-rock stars, including Trent Reznor declaring you’re “FINE Inch Nails,” a doe-eyed Michael Stipe insisting “Everybody Flirts,” and Shirley Manson saying thanks for “putting up with her Garbage.”

The 2021 Valentines packs are on sale now at Tell your special someone you love them or have Midge Ure do Cyrano’s dirty work by calling them an UltraFOX.

See images from the Valentine’s Day card packs below.

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