As the witchy season is upon us, there is no better time to indulge in horror. The short film, Night of the Tilberi, filmed and directed by Lisa Saeboe and Kate Jones in Iceland, feels like a colder version of Midsommar, with its legends and lore full of mysticism. The confrontational electronic soundtrack was scored by the NYC artist Rare DM. Here, she takes a new approach within her production as she builds suspense through noisy, aggravated analog machines, amplifying the terror of Saeboe and Jones’ film.

Inspired by the occult lore surrounding the fishing village’s founder, an arcane prophetess named Þórdís, the film is a tale of the local legend of the Tilberi, an enchanted milk-stealing worm created by witches. It depicts the sacrifice and trickery it takes to spawn the Tilberi, and how it meets a tragic end when a close-minded townsperson discovers the witch’s secret. “Night of the Tilberi” is the absurdist visual retelling of a local folktale that subdues themes of the sacrilegious in an uncanny artifact. 

Night of the Tilberi will premiere on Friday, October 1st at Saint Vitus before Rare DM’s live performance with Kanga and Trace Amount. Watch the trailer below:


Directed by Lisa Saeboe + Kate Jones
Edited by Jake Moore
Score by Rare DM
Mixed & Mastered by Margo Wildman
Color by Tam Le at Sodalite Color
Costumes Provided by Museum of Prophecies 

Lissyelle Laricchia

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