She’s a freak…

For the collaborative trio of Berlin-based Local Suicide and Skelesys, there are no rules—just to make music in which to dance. Their last release, the You Are Mine EP, focused on a slow seduction, while their new New Evidence EP on Samo Records delivers a straightforward sexiness in its groove and lyrical content. “Weird Encounters” is about the journey of a girl’s night out at a club. Who will she meet? What might the unknown bring? Suspense builds throughout the track as Vamparela tells the story of their lustful protagonist.

For fans of music with a dance sensibility layered with vocals—think Years of Denial or Dame Area—Local Suicide & Skelesys manage to pull from the most dark recesses of their city and capture that specific mood in their music. Further, the video, directed by Mexican video artist Lorea Arcelus, echoes the desire described in “Weird Encounters.” Watch below:

As Samo Records’ 10th release in celebration of the label’s 5th anniversary, No Evidence, is available on digital and vinyl formats.

Local Suicide
Samo Records

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