I’m his doll
He created me

As a song that feeds off terror and obsession, the haunting “You Are Mine” stirs up emotion. The Berlin-based duo, Local Suicide (Brax Moody and Vamparela), step up the intensity with their collaboration with Skelesys for the You Are Mine EP that was released late last year on the Snap, Crackle & Pop label.

Based in Berlin, the trio began their project as a result of clubbing:  “The second time we ever met up with Skelesys was a few years ago at a party at Griessmuehle. After the party—although we hardly knew each other—slightly intoxicated we decided to come back to ours and make a track. The story of Frankenstein as a dream girl was born, ‘You Are Mine.'” While the slow, menacing tempo of the song emphasizes the sinister atmosphere, the repetition of the vocal you are mine becomes trance-like, a form of hypnotism. This, overtop the distinct sound of Skelesys’ guitar sound, dives into the shadowy realm of psychosis.

The music video pulls from the early horror silent films such as Frankenstein or Nosferatu with intense lighting in black and white—what is hidden is just as important as what is seen. The director, Adrian Sevilla, states: “The intention of the clip is to tell a story where emotional dependence, knowledge and the power that comes with it, come together to push the characters into some kind of self awareness on how you see yourself in a relationship, a co-dependent one in this case.”

Watch “You Are Mine” below:

Listen to the You Are Mine EP below that includes remixes from The KVB and Autumns.

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