Dystopian lucid dreaming… Is this reality? Is this a nightmare? Are we sharing the same dream or are we all part of yours?

The new compilation, Dystopian Lucid Dreaming (OMBRA 020), on the Berlin-based Ombra International label—run by the producer Curses—is an EP that focuses on a continuum. It’s about connecting lines between genres of dance music, the delicate thresholds between dark disco, acid house, electro, and synthwave. Turkish-based artist Günce Acı with her track, “Another Round,” kicks off the V/A with a powerful pulsating bassline and a startling snare to support the commanding four-four beat. As the track progresses, a melody peeks through—at first gently—before pummeling towards its acidy apex.

As her Ombra debut, Günce Acı kickstarts the release into high gear. Alongside Juan MacLean, Hardway Bros, Jorkes and NIKKNAME, the Buenos Aires producer Skelesys adds an element of dark dance to the mix with post-punk guitar intricacies and somber vocals on “The Scorpion Sting.” Mysterious, treacherous, and completely danceable, the V/A satiates all tastes and desires—it is a compliation for dreamers.

The EP—exclusively on vinyl—will be available on July 30th via Bandcamp.

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