Low Lives, a woman-fronted post-punk band from Massachusetts, debuts their new EP Hell Is A Happy Place, now streaming.

Low Lives, from Lowell, Massachusetts, formed in 2019, citing influences such as Cocteau Twins, Joy Division, The Cure, ‘Til Tuesday, the March Violets, and Concrete Blonde.  Inspired by 80’s post-punk and goth rock, Low Lives set out to create a collection of songs containing a delicate balance between dark moody tones and lush sombre soundscapes. The end result would come to be the four songs that appear on the EP.

The mood establishes itself with the pensive titular track, a strongly 80s-flavoured ballad with trembling, emotional vocals. It’s followed up by a powerful, guitar-driven call and response gothic duet, Identical Palms. Everything Falls Apart, sounding perfectly at home during a John Hughes montage, comes on its heels, a sorrowful new wave lamentation. Indeed, its accompanying clip is comprised of scenes from Some Kind of Wonderful, setting the tone for a familiar narrative of push and pull, yin and yang. The album concludes with Meet Your Master, a bluesy, echoing minor chord dirge.

An excellent offering from Low Lives. Listen to the EP below:

And watch Everything Falls Apart below:

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