After first emerging as musician Nick Ruvalcaba’s home recording project in Los Angeles; later expanding horizons in Madrid, gloom-wave outfit EDGES announces a new video from their FRAGMENTIA album. The track is called Rui-Katsu, or “tear seeking,” named for a Japanese therapy that involves public crying. 

Rui-Katsu is an ode to those who left us too soon; the friends, family, and lovers we wish we would’ve helped more,” says the band. 

The simple, straightforward video for a rueful lament is a monochromatic stunner. Cristina Sardón appears as “The Sad Girl,” the metaphor for all those regrets that churn in our minds and hearts when things move south. The song, a new wave ballad in the vein of later Human League, New Order and Til Tuesday, finds beauty in interpersonal grief.

Watch the stunning, earnest clip below:

The name “EDGES” was suggested by Black Monroe, who described the burgeoning sound as “existing on the edges of various genres but never quite penetrating one.” Nick internalized the moniker as a subtle nod to Youth Crew bands of the 1980s. 

In the summer of 2019 Nick released the The Sunsick EP – a sampling of songs that he’d penned while working at a San Diego cemetery. That summer, Nick relocated to Europe, where he continues to write and perform. 

FRAGMENTIA, their first LP, is out now on Swiss Dark Nights.  Listen below:

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photograph by Carly Sarno

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