Quite easily one of the best new wave tracks of all time, Real Life’s 1983 hit, “Send Me an Angel” (that would be reimagined for the dancefloor in 1989), is nothing less than iconic. Its ability to convey deep, stinging emotion in just under four minutes is profound—and now, Unconscious’ cover of the song follows suit.

For the final 2022 release on Ombra INTL, Italian EBM maestro, Unconscious, dissects and recharges the track for an updated interpretation that’s part of the label’s 12″ compilation series. Renamed to simply “Angel,” Unconscious’ version is just as lush as the original by retaining its epic synth chorus sounds and melodies but subtracts the vocals from the track almost entirely. When the vocals are present, Ombra boss, Curses, offers up his voice to even the track out in all its shining glory.

Listen below:

Ombra INTL 024: Eternity includes additional tracks by Shubostar, Sugar Rody and Astroloop. It will be out on December 9th.

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