Over 3 days in December Krake Festival is celebrating 10 years of its existence with a very special edition. The festival organisers broke their backs to come up with something special in these crazy times and we think they succeeded. The festival covers three days of music, live a/v shows, the very first of Krake TV (their own music TV format), a Call-In Talk Show, and an interactive multi-stream rave. A total of 10 streams happening at the same time, brought to you by some of the coolest crews from across the globe.

Krake TV: To expand the streaming format for festivals, they have developed Krake TV, a music TV format with different shows presenting music videos, artist features, comedy in cooperation with backstage – Das DJ Magazin, a brand new techno workout as well as the traditional Krake raffle. Get ready for one hour of Krake TV on all three days!

Person Man Woman Camera TV show: Our Call-In Talk Show with Dieter Polen and DJ Elliver is discussing the most important and ridiculous issues of our times with their audience.

V.A. Music Compilation: To round it off, Krake are releasing music from some of the key artists that have been playing for them during the past 10 years. It would have been too much to ask all of them, but Krake did ask some if they wanted to contribute to a jubilee compilation and now they are happy and proud to be able to present a V.A. compilation with over 80 tracks! The compilation is released digitally only and sold for a very, very low price. All will automatically take part in the charity raffle/tombola.

Charity raffle/tombola: The annual label fair won’t happen for obvious reasons – but the raffle takes place nonetheless! Numerous labels have given Krake huge packages – partly their whole catalogue – and brands such as Irie Daily, Native Instruments, Ableton and Elektron have contributed to an amazing selection of prizes. All profit of ticket sales will be donated to the inclusive project Ick Mach Welle and Seawatch.

ALL HAPPENING AT: http://www.krake-festival.de

Festival Highlights:


The Arad Augmented Fantasy is a virtual playground for the development of performance characters that interact with, inspire, and are inspired by the Artist’s musical output. These shape-shifting characters and personas are an attempt to visualise the intentions and feelings of individual tracks. The Arad Augmented Fantasy experience is the beginning of a project that will live in many virtual and real environments. Whether it’s as an AV show in a club, streaming performance on line, or else though podcasts, Open World games, or social media this projects aim is to create a feedback loop where the music and lyrical content, mutates into a multitude of visual personas and these intern go on to inspire and create more sonic genes themselves.


Devin Mohr and Jochen Kronier are multi-media artists living in Berlin. They share a similar aesthetic and musical sensibility for their other-worldly projects. Both are accomplished customers. Jochen has a special talent for music production and arrangement while Devin is a lyricist/songwriter. Jochen has spent much of his career making pop stars look amazing with his dynamic costume and shoe design. Devin has spent a big part of his career producing designs for entertainment, lighting design and set design. The piece entitled ‘Xenoprobe‘ is an electronic musical and was made exclusively for Krake music festival. It follows two aliens who observe the human condition through music, humor, and spectacle. Sometimes ambient and sometimes club-trance, the piece explores absurdity and beauty with a lighthearted approach. (And maybe a few barbs for the more conservative viewer!)


Permit yourself to zoom out of your singular reality enough such that all activity, all that is knowingly accumulated and all that is unnervingly accepted on this earth, is a spectrum of information. This includes the thermodynamics of our own biological structure. Now consider that music is a segment of this spectrum, and DJ Stingray’s nexus of electro and techno a further specialised section forged in bypassing normalised circuits to confront the future, to articulate abstract dynamics.


For a top-flight DJ and producer, Helena Hauff is remarkably relatable. Despite moving from the grotty confines of Hamburg’s Golden Pudel to big festival stages in the space of a few years, the German artist seems immune to the charms of fame. She’s pushing a particularly wild strain of music in uncompromising fashion, placing gnashing electro by acidic techno and chugging EBM. As her star has risen, she’s become a beacon of authenticity, making her one of the best-loved DJs to emerge in recent memory.


Underground Kitchistance is about food and music. Both tasting and hearing are physical sensations, culturally developed, and formed into cuisine and music. The chef and the DJ play a similar role: they play and experiment, they teach and educate, they control and create. Underground Kitchistance consists of Alienata, Max Durante, and DJ Flush, three DJs who have been musical and real-life friends for a long time, sharing their passion for music as well as for cooking. During one hour they will play a b2b2b and cook a full dinner with several courses. One try only, no practice was allowed – A challenge, a feast, a rave for your ears and your mouth. Techno Food and Revolution.


Transforma produce audiovisual performances, installations, projections for music, video clips, and have worked extensively with theatre and dance. Creating images and atmospheres which establish a connection between the material properties of their subject, abstract storytelling, and a hands-on approach to production, they have developed their own language within the live visual experience. They have long-standing collaborations with numerous artists, directors, and musicians and have performed live and exhibited at many major festivals and venues around the world. Transforma was formed in 2001 in Berlin by Luke Bennett, Baris Hasselbach, and Simon Krahl.


“Corona is giving everyone a hard time. There is free music content all over the internet, but our culture does need funding – how can we find a way that works for you, our beloved audience, as well as for everyone who has been contributing to this project? How much are you up for paying? How much are you willing to contribute to make projects like these possible and help to keep our culture alive? We have developed a sliding scale price, which we hope seems fair to everyone.”

  • 1€ Day pass for the undecided
  • 5€ Day pass for the ones with little money
  • 10€ Regular day pass
  • 20€ Supporter day pass
  • 50€ Full Festival ticket (3 Day pass incl. 82 track 10-year anniversary digital compilation)

Get your ticket at http://www.krake-festival.de

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