Ghost Cop, known for their cinematic electronic music, have been consistent in their specific fashioning of sleek, monumental songs. With bleeding emotion that resembles the bleak exquisiteness of French duos Deux or KaS Product, the new single, “A Shot In The Dark,” is unforgettable. Its melody slides across shiny surfaces of production perfection as Lucy Swope’s vocals, which are haunting and sinister, loom like a ghost.

Desolate and cold, the video is shot in a barren New York City, a frigid winter day that mimics the melancholy of the song. Something is afoot in the bleak emptiness—reminiscent of pandemic times—as Swope wanders meaninglessly across the landscape. Where is she going? And will she find what she’s looking for?

Directed by Ghost Cop themselves, they write: “The song describes a feeling of being stuck in a pattern, when a cycle becomes so familiar, it seems like predestiny. The precognition that is created when you can see the end even before you’ve begun. In the video, this concept is reinforced with a protagonist stuck in a barren and brutalist plaza of ramps, stairs, bridges and walkways—she is always moving yet never escapes. A refractive lens distorts time, creating a cascade of repetition.”

Watch the video below:

Ghost Cop’s forthcoming EP, Trouble, will be out in spring of this year.

Catch them live at SYNTHICIDE in Brooklyn on March 24th with Secret Attraction and CD Ghost.

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