It’s no surprise that the German trio, Rue Oberkampf, know dance music—they are DJs, after all. This knowledge of how to make a crowd dance is especially apparent with their 2022 album, Liebe. And that’s why specific fusion of melancholy synths overtop electronic beats in the song “Lou Et Noah” caught the interest of the New York City-based DJ, Cage. He instantly knew he wanted to elevate the song into his own special remix:

“I loved the album and thought it might be interesting to take one of the less ‘clubby’ tracks, ‘Lou Et Noah,’ and give it more of a darkwave dance floor feel. So the band agreed to send me the stems and to see what I’d come up with. After a few months I sent them the rough mix —which they seemed to really like and we finally met up in person at the Cold Hearted festival in Dresden last November where we agreed for it to be their next single.”

Cage by Jolene Siana

The remix, mastered by Eric Van Wonterghem of Absolute Body Control and Klinik, transforms the song from its original sad softness into a trance-influnced arsenal of saw synths and powerful snares. As the song kicks in, the bassline underlines the vocals of Julia de Jouy with ferocity, while the atmosphere builds a romantic tension—something similar to Zanias‘ most recent tracks. Cage’s remix is perfect addition to a DJ’s arsenal of darkwave tracks and is an explosive banger for peak-hour dance floors. Listen below:

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