She’s a woman on fire
In this moment I yearn for her

Based in the City of Angels, darkwave artist Mareux found viral success with a cover of The Cure’s The Perfect Girl, starring RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 winner Violet Chachki. Now, with the sultry “Night Vision”, they take us on a slow-motion excursion into the world of exotic dancers…with a slow-motion, Lynchian bend.

The lyrics to the song sound romantic on the surface – words of infatuation, burning passion, and desire – but when played out in the context of a strip club, they become obsessive, menacing, and predatory. The beautiful dancers circling those poles are merely doing their jobs: selling fantasies to the lonely and downtrodden. But there is no substance there, and the words of desire in “Night Vision” reflect the wicked games of lust skewed by objectivity in this context.

Here, the band appears on the stage like a scene out of the Twin Peaks Roadhouse after a few clandestine hours at One-Eyed Jack’s; their melancholy crooning under the spotlight playing forlornly to a disinterested crowd. There’s no joy in this club, it’s a liminal space for the heart and soul, fueled by money and false hopes. A beautifully-filmed piece from the Muted Windows team, directed by Michael E Linn and Nedda Afsari, this is a music video that really burns in your mind.

Watch ‘Night Vision” below:

​​Mareux is the long-running solo project from LA-based musician and producer Aryan Ashtiani. He’s joined by Christian Morales Joey Lopez. Uniting people across diverse subcultures, Mareux has ignited a worldwide cult following with his unique brand of romantic darkwave.

The band is set to embark on their first-ever North American Tour this spring.  Tickets go on sale Tuesday, February 14th. See full dates below.



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