Stay a little longer I love to listen to our stories
Good times we had I won’t forget

Sleep Forever, the solo project of Markus Weber from Veil of Light, is bursting with nostalgia. The first single, “Just For A Day,” from the upcoming LP, Boyhood, is just a taste of the pop perfection Sleep Forever imbues via that specific turn-of-the-1990s synth-pop sound. With touches of Cause & Effect, The Beloved and Choir Boy, the track was made by using equipment from several different decades in order to sound completely timeless—as if Sleep Forever has always existed.

The music video for “Just For A Day” was shot on Hi8 and VHS between 1994 and 2022. It blurs years together, chopping and rearranging memories that are far in the past with more recent ones. “Just For A Day” is a collage of Weber’s life—a mish-mash of the past and present, a scrapbook of impressions. Tired on departure I’ve come to realize / We’re still boys no way around our past / Looking through the window timid cues to say goodbye / We stay boys I can see it in your eyes.

Watch the video below:

The polished pop songs of the  Boyhood LP will be available digitally and on CD or cassette May 6th on DKA. Pre-order here.


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