I’m lost in that aching feeling

I’m wasting time

Oh please give me meaning

In the two years that have progressed since the release of Veil of Light’s Inflict LP, the band members found themselves deeply entrenched in introspection and self-examination, seemingly tempered by the fires of pain, or grief, or misfortune, or any myriad number of adversities.  Whatever the case may be, the result is that the band have produced their best album yet.

“We don’t really know how what recently happened that impacted on the band’s mastermind Michael, but Veil Of Light are now fully grown-up,” muses the band. “2020 has been one rough ride for everyone, forcing us all to review what we thought was normal and maybe, one would argue, even our priorities…This is the kind of record that takes its time, and takes its toll, we just need to sit down and listen because there’s much to discover.”

The Swiss coldwave duo, drawing their influences from New Order’s moodiness and softer electro of The Klinik, have imbued a new sense of intimate solitude through their ten mesmerizing new tracks. Traces and echoes of Depeche Mode, Naked Eyes, Lust for Youth, and Black Marble are strewn throughout these thoughtful and melancholic compositions, particularly in the fourth single from their fantastic Landslide LP: “No Return”, a song about the last dance before reaching a breaking point.

Landslide is Veil of Light’s fifth LP, which is augmented by extremely personal lyrics, intimate atmosphere, and catchy and captivating synth-pop melodies. “No Return” encompasses and enfolds these sentiments. The video, a slideshow of still photographs in the realm of La Jetée, shows a glimpse at a world in transition.

Watch the video for “No Return” below:

The second pressing of Veil of Light’s Landslide, is out November 12th via Avant Records.

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