Watch the video for Atlanta post-punk act Stranded’s “Call Waiting”—the opening track off of the project’s haunting 4 track Long Dusk EP.

As the EP’s opening track “Call Waiting” is in itself a declaration of moving forward from idleness, building itself from flickering drums, a rhymic bassline, and shivering disco beat, to tremulous echoes of guitars and keyboards thrust behind synth swells that are overlaid with a ghostly vocal croon.

Watch the video below:

Stranded’s new self-released EP, Long Dusk, was made during the moving process back to Atlanta from Nashville. Inspired by the drives over the mountains crossing state lines, this new EP is a “road record.”

As for the other three tracks on the EP, “Lights in the Rain” follows with ghostly guitars and a bass line driving forward like a song by Phil Specter and Stones collaborator Jack Nitzsche. Crooning vocals float in and out of the rhythms painting scenes not dissimilar from those of David Lynch or Edgard G. Ulmer.

“Purple Noon” changes the tone with a mid-tempo house beat and dreamy arpeggiating keyboards floating over it. The lyrics take on a light croon and sleaze depicting a getaway.

The EP ends with the title track building it’s parts much like how the EP started, and it takes its inspiration from Permanent Vacation artists like John Talabot with the slow builds. This track is based on a personal tale that took place on a drive which ended prematurely in Arizona. The vague reasons were dramatic enough to stop and turn around in the middle of the road.

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