NYC synth-duo Ghost Cop, following the release of the video for “Enhance” off of their last album One Weird Trick, have returned with their latest horror homage in the single and video for “Hey Mister”—a lurid tale of predation and murder drawn out over a slow and brooding cinematic soundscape.

In the song, Sean Dack’s stark and ominous programming complements the abstract and enigmatic spoken word of Lucy Swope, as she deadpans the story of a female serial killer who flips the script on would-be sexual predators.

In the video, elements of surveillance technology mediate notions of power and control, and the duo’s interest in genre films becomes apparent in the visuals and aesthetics that take their cues from neo-noir and Giallo films.

One can’t help but think of a new spin on cult classic Ms. 45 while watching this dark foray into sinister cinema.

Both the song and the video for “Hey Mister” were created within Lucy and Sean’s 500 sq ft Manhattan apartment and nearby environs during the Covid-19 outbreak this spring.

Watch the video below:

Ghost Cop’s previous video, “Enhance”, a nod to low-budget horror, and was accepted into multiple film festivals.

“Hey Mister” is out now via Bandcamp.

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