Featuring members of Bishops Green, Dead Cells, Systematik, and Candy (BC), post-punk/Oi! band Schedule 1, out of Vancouver, announces a new video for their first single, “Paint It Red”.

“Paint It Red is a personal song about familial identity, purpose, and pain,” says the band. “It was formed in the collective subconscious of the band and could not have been realized without each member’s energy.”

Schedule 1 features Grant on vocals, Rob on guitar, Alex on bass, and Mitch on drums. The rollicking, ferocious track, clocking in at just over two and a half minutes, packs a wallop in its brief but menacing presence. There are echoes of the raw, chanting elements of Sham 69, Pixies, The Adicts, and Cock Sparrer throughout “Paint It Red”. The performance video depicts the band in a chaotic state of reflection, utilizing German Expressionist angles and frenetic overlaps.
Watch the video below:

Listen to “Paint It Red” below on their Bandcamp, and pre-order their self-titled debut EP here.

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