My love, let it ruin me…

Bedless Bones is the aural guise of Kadri Sammel, a multifaceted talent from Tallinn, Estonia, who conceives stunning photography and videography that captures a timeless and transcendent beauty, while creating music that weaves an otherworldly atmosphere. With her sound and vision, Sammel defies easy categorization while bending tenebrous genres like a reed in an ethereal wind, conjuring soundscapes that capture the best of darkwave, EBM, industrial, and more, while ultimately seeking to both comfort and soothe in a veil of shadowy sound.

Her latest video, “Ashes Indigo”, a song from her forthcoming new album Bending the Iron Bough, is a pulsing ethereal dream of surreal imagery, working in tandem with gauzy vocals and beats that both sigh and pulse with haunting old-world strings quivering wistfully along with the languid melody.

Watch the video for “Ashes Indigo” below:

After a few self-released singles, Bedless Bones’ debut album Sublime Malaise was released in autumn 2019 on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC. Sublime Malaise is an exploration of a shifting state; an envisioned departure from ill-being, finding a ground, juxtaposition of vivid abstract sensations and the mundane dullness of existence; the corporeal ailments, and the boundless routes of the mind. It’s a nocturnal journey of darkness and light, where relapse, intimidating encounters, and self-irony are ever-lurking. Sonically it carries the spirit of darkwave and coldwave, but also incorporates elements from other genres and contemporary sound design. Additionally, her remix album After Malaise was released in June 2020.

Ranging over themes of courage, fear, rebirth, growth and sanctity, Bending The Iron Bough the second album by Bedless Bones, creates a realm of alternative myth and lore through nine unique songs where cool electronic textures court ethereal ambience. A tenacious explorer and seeker, Bedless Bones has added an electric guitar and various folk and acoustic instruments to her distinct sound palette, which is made complete by her signature dim-toned and airy vocals. Written and recorded in solitude at a remote location in Estonia, the album relies on subtle allusions and insights, reinforcing imagination and creative freedom.

What is the bough and why is it cold?
You can’t bend me anymore – now I bend you. Is it you singing or is it the tree?

All songs on Bending the Iron Bough were written, performed, recorded, produced, and mixed by Kadri Sammel, with additional percussion and percussion mixing by Anders Melts. The album was Mastered by Arthur Rizk.

Photography for the release is by Anders Melts, with editing by Kadri Sammel. Additional photography, album layout, and design also by Kadri Sammel.

Bending the Iron Bough will be released on November 25th.

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