It’s been ten years since the demise of The Opposite Sex, a D.C. based post-punk revival project with heavy leanings on Ausgang, Killing Joke, early U2, and other anthemic, politically-inspired acts. Since then, the world has changed greatly, and vocalist Shawn Helton has been quietly chipping away at a new project, driven by hidden political agendas and the ever-evolving human condition. With that in mind, we’re honored to announce Memory Mask‘s debut LP Empire Land, led by single “Flood Your Heart.” Listen below.

“Flood Your Heart” is primarily driven by a spacious, tom-heavy drumbeat that calls Peter Gabriel’s reverb-drenched third record to mind, with Helton’s vocals, airy synths, and shimmering guitar work fleshing out the track. Touches of Slowdive’s powerful crescendos and breathy drama rise to the surface, complimenting Helton’s voice and giving space for lyrics, which touch on themes of political unrest and repression, a fitting message for these uncertain times.

Though Memory Mask is Helton’s project through and through, bass on “Flood Your Heart” was lovingly provided by Scott Leader. The remaining tracks unveiled thus far pull from a series of influences, running the gamut from Killing Joke to This Mortal Coil, with touches of David Bowie’s more artful jazz and ambient explorations thrown in for good measure. Empire Land is slated for release on May 27th as a digital download through Bandcamp. Check below for full album details, artwork, and purchasing links.

Memory Mask- Empire Land
1.Empire Land
2. Sleepwalkers
3. Starless Skies
4. Flood Your Heart
5. Days of Zero
6. Known Wolves
7. Worlds Between Worlds
8. Coat of Arms
9. False Dawn
10. Colder Years

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Photo credit: Eric Helton
Album artwork and photo collage by Shawn Helton

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