Berlin-based duo Mueran Humanos have returned with their video for the Alessandro Adriani remix of “Cuando Una Persona Comun Se Eleva”, a track featured on their forthcoming remix LP of last year’s critically acclaimed album Hospital Lullabies.

In addition to the track reworked by Adriani (of Mannequin Records), the album features remixes by Joe Spurgeon from The Horrors, Silent Servant, Sam De La Rosa of Led Er Est, and An-i.

The record also features Commercial Tower—the side project from Tomás Nochteff of Mueran Humanos and new Aufnahme + Wiedergabe artist Artist Eyes Gone who makes his label debut with this release, with an EP on the Berlin label soon to follow. The eighth and final track on the album is a bonus Deletia reworking of “El Círculo”, originally featured on 2015’s Miseress.

The video for the remix of “Cuando Una Persona Comun Se Eleva”, is a pulsing and sinister twilight stroll amongst cemetery gates and tombstones filmed in Hungary and Chile. The video was directed by Carmen Burguess, and features: Patricia Fort, Michael Drummer, Enter D’Noise (Der Nautilus, Matias Amusia, María José Bueno Fuentes, Ale Der), Cristóbal Rawlins (Raw C), and Mueran Humanos themselves.

Watch the video for “Cuando Una Persona Comun Se Eleva” remixed below:

Hospital Lullabies Remixed is out May 30th, 2020 through Aufnahme + Wiedergabe

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1. Cuando Una Persona Común Se Eleva (Alessandro Adriani Remix)
2. Guardián De Piedra (Joe Spurgeon Remix)
3. Los Problemas Del Futuro (Silent Servant Remix)
4. Alien (Eyes Gone Remix)
5. Vestido (Sam De La Rosa Remix)
6. Detrás De Una Flor (An-i Remix)
7. La Gente Gris (Commercial Tower Remix)
8. El Círculo (Deletia Remix) [Bonus Track]

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