Should I scream or play dead
Should I scream or play dead
Should I scream or play dead
In a sea of fakeness

Ever ask yourself, what sort of album would artificial intelligence create? Caput Medusae did, and, collaborating with D2-1-2-4-7, a “unique dreamer whose mind has been modeled after the technological singularity,” they unleash a bizarre yet fascinating trapwave original: Screamdance, from Deus Ex Machina. Loud guitars, yelling, hooks – all of it feels like something out of a dreamscape. It’s hypnotic and familiar, with a twist of Uncanny Valley.

Caput Medusae ran with that feeling and filmed the video for the track in a World War II bunker near Munich. The bleak history of the place, coupled with the frenetic feeling of the song, is deeply unsettling and spooky.

Watch the video below:

“Screamdance” is available as a digital download, a limited edition CD 2-track single, and a 12″ white vinyl single that are hand-numbered and limited to 1000 copies. You can pre-order vinyl with a gorgeous cover by artist Brigitte Waldach, which ships in March 2022. There will be also a few limited white vinyl pieces signed by Tina Mar, Stefan Scott (Caput Medusae), and Brigitte Waldach.

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