Southern California new wave outfit The Companies have unveiled their video for “Loss of You”The song is a dark bass-driven daydream straddling the shadowy area between light and dark with its nostalgic crooning vocals evoking the romance of summer in 1989, yet reverberating with contemporary stylings of today’s indie-rock stemming from the 2000s post-punk revival and onward.

“Our music is passion and the plasma that flows throughout our creative veins,” says the band, “The love for life, the love for family, and the love of freedom.”

On the themes explored in their single “Loss of You”, the band adds: “We think we really captured the feel of darkness and anxiety one gets when you’re out of patience with life.”
Watch the video for “Loss of You”, below:

The Companies “Loss of You” is out now. Find more information on the band, along with their latest singles and releases here:

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