“We decided to take a risk and give up everything. Before that, our life was average…the fear of change prompted us to change.”

There’s a war in the eastern part of Ukraine, the former USSR landmark Palace of Culture’s been destroyed, but electronic outfit Sexual Purity persists. The band has announced the release of the despairing track, “My Cage”, and its haunting self-directed video.

Here, the band explains the conditions they endured during the writing of this release.

“In normal prosperity, we couldn’t write our music. When we came to the war-torn Lugansk region, the first thing we saw was a bombed-out old shop with Soviet signs. It threw us into darkness. After living here for a couple of months, you slide into such an emotional pit, a swamp, where apathy and loss of interest in life are still “flowers.” Many people throughout Ukraine and the world imagine what it’s like to live here, but do not know HOW IT IS. especially after war. When people go to the city mall, it is a holiday and a feast. Our goal is to expand the framework of our consciousness and understanding of this part of the country. Basically, people go to big cities, and we went to the East. Alas, the Luhansk and Donetsk regions are not covered so often in the media. But this does not mean that they disappeared.”

In this video, the destroyed Palace of Culture acts as a metaphor of what could have been. It is tragic, and the figure wielding a sledgehammer and kicking around the dirt also makes for a striking image. Ironic, that the demise of the Palace of Culture becomes part of artistic expression. The paranoid lyrics also give a sense of bleak isolation and desperation.

This cage
Is very close to me
The enemies
The enemies
Are around me

“Unfortunately, the only thing that this really beautiful building is capable of is destruction,” says the band.

Watch the video for “My Cage”, below:

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