“What’s the meaning of dreams? I’ve chased them all my life.”

With natural inspiration from current events, Tampa post-punk outfit Sleeping Pills return, heralding their gloomy fourth release: a new single/music video entitled “The Chain”, from their upcoming record A Bend in Time, due out in Spring of 2022.

With “The Chain”, the trio perfected a darker take on their signature surf/post-punk sound during their two-year hiatus. The song speaks of the framework of thought, truths from the subconscious, and the inevitability of death: a brutally honest reflection of a troubled time. The track starts off with a pounding rhythm and a nihilistic bass line, followed by eerie guitar riffs and an ice cold synthesizer backing powerful lyrics. The driving, ominous anthem reaches an outro of eerie surf guitar layers.
“The chain is about the confines of our everyday life,” Taylor says. “We are so wrapped up and distracted most of our lives, we don’t take the time to see how much we’ve been tied down.”
The accompanying video released by the band is rife with symbolism and a psychedelic dreamscape reminiscent of experimental films in the late 1960s. It’s a dizzying, hypnotic trip through the human mind…with guitar.
Watch the video for “The Chain” below:
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