Hertfordshire UK’s Ghosts of Torrez return with a curious, esoteric new video for the wistful track “The Place”, from their forthcoming LP The Pump House of Broken Dreams (Prank Monkey Records).

Taking a cue from Sigur Ros and Mogwai,  Ghosts of Torrez craft soft, cinematic delights, mixing the stylings of Celtic folk, psychedelia, and indie dissonance.  The Place is a siren call to nature; the lush landscapes sweeping with the guitar and dreamy nature, as if straddling the veil between wakefulness and sleep. It is a perfect cosmic follow-up to their previous releases, “Closer”, and “The Wailing”.

“The Place video resembles the legendary creepy VHS tape from The Ring film; however, if you watch this all the way through you will be likely to receive a call recommending a cracking take away, than your impending doom,” cracks the band.

Watch the video for “The Place” below:

“Our songs are not made for the two-minute, short attention span crowd,” Nick explains. “This is music that allows you to switch off from the chaotic trappings of modern life and let your imagination run free.”

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