“The truth is that a human is just a brief algorithm.” The Forge (Westworld)

Mercvrial is a geographically-dispersed recording project based in Rosarito, Mexico. Whisking together elements of post-punk, dream pop and neo-psychedelia, the band released their debut LP, Brief Algorithms, out on the 29th of April via Crafting Room Recordings.

The album reflects a wide array of influences, including most notably The Chameleons, Echo & the Bunnymen, Rain Parade, Ride, Alan Parsons Project, and House of Love. The latter is recognized rather noticeably as a result of Terry Bickers’ (House of Love/Levitation) collaboration as a guitarist on five of the LP’s ten tracks.

“If critics want to pigeonhole this record as post-punk revival, frankly, that’s ok…there are worse fates,” notes David, Mercvrial’s principal songwriter.

David’s sardonic, witty lyrics grapple with the unknown. “I suppose every song I write is in some way about the wonderment, loneliness and absurdity of being a human on a big rock hurtling through an ocean of stars,” he quips. With intelligent, cerebral poetry and passionate delivery, there are several captivating gems in the collection. “Dark Stars” personifies David’s approach of applying world-weary detachment to his diverse subject matter: “Pictures of a life we will never lead fill pages of a book we will never read.” Likewise, “Hail of Arrows” offers a compassionate glimpse into a young man’s tragic demise during an attempt to convert Sentinelese Islanders to Christianity.

Brief algorithms is an album that starts strong and doesn’t ever hold back with its captivating momentum. The opener, “Be That Someone” is a is unrelenting guitar riff and motivating lyrics.

“Look Inside” churns with a warmth that radiates with profound romantic insight, “I’ll Get You Home On Time”, is wistful and sonorous, wearing its 60s psych-balled via 90s shoegaze heart on its sleeve.

“Dance in The Dark” is kinetic with its infectious rhythm, and “I Never Like You Anyway” is a spiraling maelstrom of melody.

And lastly, “Cats of Cavtat” is a playful tale recounting the exploits of the famous feral felines of a Croatian town.

In addition to eight original compositions, Brief Algorithms includes two unconventional covers, Pink Floyd’s“Matilda Mother” and  Ultravox’s “Hiroshima Mon Amour”, as well as a re-imagining of Ride’s “Jump Jet/Dub Jet (Waiting on a Miracle)” on the digital release.

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