Taking their lead from bands such as Sigur Ros and Mogwai, Hertfordshire UK’s Ghosts of Torrez craft soft, cinematic wonderments, mixing the stylings of Celtic folk, psychedelia, and indie dissonance.

Their ethereal new single “Closer” is a gentle, lilting instrumental that follows a more post-punk feel (very much inspired by Martin Hannett for Joy Division) which builds slowly into a wonderous climax. Like a cosmic dream, or interstellar lullaby, “Closer” is a song to drift off into the swirling aether of the deepest phantasmagoria or a blissful fever-dream, not unlike the aural reverie felt from the instrumental version of Cocteau Twin’s “Oomingmak”, or Dif Juz’s Extractions.

“Our songs are not made for the two-minute, short attention span crowd,” Nick explains. “This is music that allows you to switch off from the chaotic trappings of modern life and let your imagination run free.”

Likewise, the accompanying video is a step back in time, with its lo-fi, filmic quality, and abstract musings. The chord progression brings to mind “Time After Time” in some moments, veering off into a meditative state of dreamscape and awe. It’s a lovely moment in time; a song to play in a time of rest and contemplation.

Watch the video for “Closer” below:

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