Following his performances with Gorillaz, and his shoeless and stripped-down 3-song Seventeen Seconds charity set last week, The Cure’s Robert Smith did another round of charity for the holiday season, this time for the 24 Hour Improv 2020 event to benefit Letters to Santa.

This time, filmed in black and white at his home studio, Smith performs three songs from The Cure’s 1981 album Faith, which he notes is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

The somber set begins with a beautiful rendition of “The Holy Hour”, followed by a rare display of the Cure frontman on keys for “The Funeral Party”, and finishing with the sorrowful song “The Drowning Man”.

Given that Smith years past signed the accords with St. Nick allowing Goths to celebrate Christmas, this benefit performance for Letters to Santa of three of The Cure’s saddest songs is a lovely, if not “FESTIVE” present to fans worldwide.

You can donate to 24 Hour Improv benefit for Letters to Santa here, and watch the performance below:

Previously, when announcing his 11:45 pm Central timeslot for the non “FESTIVE VIBE” performance, Smith, referring to his noted vampiric circadian rhythm, wryly remarks in his standard all-caps: “LIKE I AM EVER NOT ON CHICAGO TIME.”

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