The Infinity Ring,  weaving a unique sonic tapestry of dark sounds has unveiled their sombre and abstract video for the ghostly “Temptress”, an introspective and wandering spectre of a track featured as Side A on their recently released 7-inch single.

The Infinity Ring is a project aimed at exploring the more esoteric and otherworldly corners within the post-punk and post-industrial continuum. Centered around core songwriter Cameron Moretti and a cast of co-conspirators, the project intends to be a vessel for transmuting various elements of experimental sound into a single unified spiritual work. Drawing heavily from neofolk, art rock, and darkwave, TIR’s music straddles many stylistic archetypes yet strives to present only a modern synthesis.

Watch the video for “Temptress” below:

The ghostly “Temptress” is off Infinity Ring’s Temptress / Gift Of Life 7″ single issued via Funeral Party.

Pick up the record on digital here and the lathe cut here.

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