Lauren Lakis’ new track. “Sail Away”, is a powerful ballad about the realisation of a need for self-parenting. The struggles of having an addict mother weighed heavily on her lyrics. After spending some years in Alanon, Lakis was inspired to write about the concept of “re-parenting.” In this track, we see her metaphorically running away with her inner child, protecting, and becoming her own mother.

Lauren’s music and performance envelop the fatalistic spirit of her home city, Baltimore, resulting in “delightfully gut-churning shoegaze.” Her authentic lyrics and dark romance are a breath of fresh air in a world of egotistical pop censorship. She wears the gamut of emotions on her sleeve, ready to confront her demons and move forward into the light.

“The inner child is the part of us that is innocent, vulnerable, playful, full of wonder, freely trusting and loving,” Lakis explains. “It hasn’t always been easy to connect with that side of myself. I didn’t feel like I had a voice as a kid, and I had no control over what was happening around me. In spite of, or perhaps because of this, I grew into an extremely strong, resilient, capable adult. This song explores my longing for having had an adult like me around, when I was a child…as well as the anger I’ve carried with me for having missed out. I’ve had to accept that no one can go back in time and fix that for me.”

The accompanying video shows Lakis writhing around in a lace bodysuit, reminiscent of a growing foetus ready to birth itself into a newer, brighter form. It is a powerful piece, bringing to mind Kate Bush’s melding of mime, performance art, and music, but with sultrier vocals. The video is a work of art.

Lakis and her full band have toured the West Coast, sharing bills with Drowse, Coastlands, and Emmet Palaima of Elizabeth Colour Wheel. Most recently, the band played to a sold-out room at Doug Fir Lounge, as well as The Catalyst Santa Cruz, opening for Flor & Winnetka Bowling League. Lauren also performed a pair of solo shows opening for legendary rocker Tracy Bonham. The band was set to play SXSW this year as well, but unfortunately, Covid struck down those plans.

Watch the video for “Sail Away”, shot by Ian Carre-Burritt, below.

Sail Away is also available to listen to on Spotify.

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