Los Angeles-based synth-wave project Auragraph, the brainchild of musician Hector Carlos Ramirez has debuted his third single “Linear”, a shivering journey through icy landscapes, that are imbued with suspenseful drum machines suggesting the sound of what John Carpenter’s “The Thing” would sound like if he had scored the film himself.

“Linear”, following “Drone”, and “Polywave”, is another brilliant track from the repertoire of a young artist has composed and mixed for shows like Stranger Things, and Nat Geo’s Valley of The Boom, as well as collaborated with artists like S U R V I V E and Missions.

Listen below:

Carlos played in several bands within the hardcore and punk scene in Laredo, Texas, before a move to Austin prompted his fascination with synthesizers and samplers. Many of Aurgraph’s songs have come to life in Carlos’ own home, recording his ideas by patching in various synths with brut analog drum sounds.

“Linear” in particular uses an SH101 for most of the parts with a LinnDrum and 505 / 606 drum machines.

Memory Tracer is Aurgraph’s next full-length LP, set to release in fall 2019 via Chewing Foil and  Hiraeth records.

You can also find “Linear” on Spotify

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