This October, Return to the Batcave Festival takes place once again in Wroclaw, Poland.

This annual gathering of deathrockers and postpunk fans from all over the world lasts a total of three nights and once again offers a fantastic line-up of bands.

The exact dates are: 10.10.19 to 13.10.19.

Return to the Batcave is a celebration of dark music, filled with winklepickers, high deathawks, and music enthusiasts in heavy make-up who dances to hypnotic tunes from dusk ‘till dawn, then look no further, as this reunion pays rendition to the classic goth styles that later paved the way for new concepts in obscure music.

As described by the organizers, this is not just a festival, is more like a family reunion.

Keeping true to the concept of DIY, starting from the organization crew who begins brainstorming for the next edition before the current one has even finished, to the attendees that create their own fashionable clothing designs to wear during this weekend, and all year round.

The venue is also a DIY cooperation platform of artists and pro-social activists located in a complex of two buildings with a closed hall in the city center, that offers his shelter when the nights get too cold to bear for even the living-dead ones.

Moreover, in the hall outside the dancefloors area (there are 2 dancefloors!), it is possible to purchase merch from various venders, and grab a bite to eat, with strong vegan options.

For this year’s edition, the line-up is:

  • Twisted Nerve
  • BFG
  • 1919
  • Then Comes Silence
  • Minuit Machine
  • Pawns
  • Esses
  • Nox Novacula
  • Molchat Doma
  • Dividing Lines
  • Kadeadkas
  • Bragolin
  • Causa de Muerte
  • Anatomy
  • Hände

And after the live acts, rest assured the Djs will provide you with some sleepless nights with dancing from Dusk to Dawn.

The location is of easy access and the prices for accommodations are quite affordable, even more so if you share the space with friends.

The way to gain access to the Festival is by a Ticket-Invitation that you can acquire by purchasing a compilation CD of bands that are housed under “Bat-Cave Productions”.

Feel free to contact the organizers via the Return To The Batcave Festival group for this and all the important details here.


*Article by Frank Nientte

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