Los Angeles-based experimental Act Walk Onto Sun, the solo project of musician Ben Engebretson, has unveiled the video for “Tension City”, a track featured on WOS’ self-titled debut LP.

“Tension City” has all the kinetic energy of dark post-punk heroes Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, channelled through the sonic palette of modern act’s of The Soft Moon—or Cold Showers, whose own Chris King did the track’s mixing, giving the song palpable aggression overlaid with textures and haze that encircles Engebretson’s sneering vocals.

Regarding the song and video, Engebretson explains:

“This video for ‘Tension City’ is about the changing political landscape in America to a vile, autocratic, and often violent news cycle and its effects on the human psyche. Then emerging from its effects is a palatable anger and rising up of people to call out lies, demonstrate, and awaken the often dormant citizenry. It is recognizing the dark underbelly of our current moment, but hopeful in a sense of diverse people coming together to change course. The song is ultimately about the shift from despair to hope and just how quickly our minds can move back and forth between the two.”

Watch Below:

Following the release of two EPs, Walk Onto Sun’s self-titled debut LP is out now.

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Watch the video review of the album by our friends Maus and Azy of Obscura Undead below:

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