London and Berlin-based Argentinian brother-sister duo Minimal Schlager have returned with their second single FMB on Duchess Box Records.

With a slow pulsing Moroder like beat, overlaid with unvarnished ethereal and siren-like vocals, the melange of scenes that follow in the video, graded in grainy saturation, resembles a Lynchian version of Berlin and all its colorful ensemble of characters.

Minimal Schlager is the moniker of Fran Parisi, who manifests his minimal beats with crushing bass synths; along with his sister Alicia, who provides a dynamic range of vocals ranging from whispers, screams, and incantations, overlaid on top of the rhythmic music. Together the pair of musicians produce sounds and melodies that blend industrial, psychedelics, and confessional storytelling.

FMB was recorded in Berlin and mixed by producer Robbie Moore who recently worked with Gurr’s Andreya Casablanca and many others.

As Fran Parisi elaborates on the writing of “FMB”:

“FMB is a song about that hazy feeling of being by yourself in a smoky bar, when suddenly you catch somebody’s eye and you don’t want to let it go for the rest of the night. It’s anticipation, excitement, fantasy…just letting yourself go and enjoying the ride.”

Watch the video, directed by Oscar Valentine, below:

“FMB” is the second single from Minimal Schlager following “Killing Is About Us”, which was released in April of 2020.

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