Florida synth-driven dream-pop act Midi Memory has unveiled the video for “Eternal Dream,” a shimmering song that is propelled by a whirl of guitar, bass, and iridescent synth reverie. Like its overall aural effect, the song is as much a breath of fresh air as it is warm and nostalgic, serving as the luminous other side of the coin, or perhaps the yang to the yin, that is shared with the contemporary darkwave acts of today.

The lyric video fits the song perfectly, with a montage of clips from a film showcasing some sort of retro analog and digital tech demo that seems to be reminiscent of the film Brainstorm, evoking the overall feeling of a technology future that did not quite happen, yet is still firmly embedded in our collective Electric Dreams.

Watch the video for “Eternal Dream” below:

Midi Memory is the more electronic-music-driven project led by Matt Messore of Cathedral Bells. The music evokes a melange of post-punk influences drawing upon classic and modern darkwave and synthpop, similar to the sounds of Black Marble, Molchat Doma, and OMD, while clearly standing on its own as a formidable project weaving a phantasmagoric sound that is truly the stuff that dreams are made of.

“Eternal Dream” is part of Midi Memory’s forthcoming sophomore LP, which is planned for release in 2023.

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