My two darkwave dads is a sitcom we would like to see, but in lieu of that, there is More Is Not Enough, two goth fathers who have come together to make compelling and cinematic music imbued with the spirit of the 80s, weaving a melange of 80s synth, post-punk, coldwave, and heavy metal.

Recently MINE released their captivating Midlife Christ Is EP, a collection of songs that features the dark, majestic, and sensuous soundscape of “Absens Lux.”

“Absens Lux” tells the story of a person who presents a persona as their representative instead of their genuine self. But the unfortunate truth is that beneath the mask, the true self is a monster—the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. The term Absens Lux is Latin for “absence of light,” which is an apt way to describe the personalities of those who use deception to bring others into their darkness.

Watch the video for “Absens Lux,” The video was filmed and edited by Pedro Lopez, below:

“Midlife Christ Is…” is out now!

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